Close Protection in London – Ensuring You and Your Family Are Safe From Armed Robbers

Close protection in London

The term ‘Close Protection’ refers to an individual’s ability to protect themselves, their family, and their possessions from a range of risks. For example, you may need protection for your primary family dwelling or as you frequent times back in Russia on a few months’ holidays. Companies that offer close protection in London will have staff members with extensive professional security knowledge and team leaders who have extensive domestic and international security experience. If you need Close Protection in London you should be very clear about what kind of protection you require and why. We will provide you with resources to assess and plan the best way for Close Protection in London.


The most common Close Protection in London involves a person being attacked by another individual while they are in a public place such as a club, pub, supermarket or public transportation system. These incidents can take place with complete strangers and can also take place with friends or relatives who trust each other. When faced with a dangerous situation such as a knife attack, it is important to ensure the safety of the victim and the public. The first priority, when faced with a dangerous situation, is to call the Police. The following steps below will outline how you can engage the services of a professional Close Protection in a London company.


Firstly it is important to ensure the location is safe. Police, security staff, and crime scene personnel will all be searching for perpetrators when there is a threat of a public shooting or a terrorist attack. The immediate priority is to ensure the physical safety of your loved ones and to contact the nearest police station. The next step is to engage the services of a professional Close Protection in London company to provide you with close protection around your premises.


There are much professional Close Protection in London companies that provide bodyguards, security guards, and personal protection to meet your needs. It is essential that the chosen company has members who have extensive experience and training in the employment of Close Protection in London. These trained and experienced professionals will assess your needs and the risk factors associated with your chosen location. After a thorough assessment of the chosen company will then present you with a comprehensive plan of action. This plan of action will include the actions required to mitigate the threat to you and your family and to notify the relevant authorities.


One of the key elements of the Bodyguard’s job is to intervene in the event of a physical threat against you or your family. A professional Close Protection in London will have specially trained members who are able to identify an attacker and then take action by using their bodyguard training to subdue the attacker until the police arrive. A team of close protection guards will surround the target and ensure that they are able to restrain the terrorist until the police officers arrive. In the event that the security forces breached the attacker’s attack, the bodyguards will then apprehend the terrorist. Your bodyguards will operate alongside the police officers and provide them with additional support should there be a need.


Close protection in London may be provided by a number of professional bodyguards such as private security guards, plate-eater security guards, and a number of contract armed security guards in London. The selected professional bodyguard will determine the level of close protection required for you and your family. Good close protection in London company will have a large number of bodyguards on duty at any one time. There will also be several types of Close protection in London available to meet the needs of the different requirements. These include but are not limited to, canine, security, window and door protection, off-site protection, VIP protection, and patrol.

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